Are there US maps available to view future Sea Level Rise?
Select ‘Launch’ and Go to ‘Local Scenarios’ on the left and you can view area on map of interest
ie Look at San Francisco Bay Area for intermediate scenario for year 2100 – its about 1 meter increarse of seal level. You can also view areas on the map and slide the water depth up and down to view visually what will happen.
You can also go to ‘Sea Level Rise’ on the left and slide the water level to see what will happen to low lying area on the map area of interest.
At this site you pick your map area of interest in the upper right search bar and go to ‘See Projections’ on the lower left. Select a water height ie 1 meter and choose a ‘scenario’.  The map will show flooded areas and a marker at certain areas on the map will tell you what year the water will reach that height. You can also scroll across selections on the bottom to see ‘Legend’, ‘Social Vulnerability’ , ‘Population’ etc. I like this one a little better than the first link for the extra information it shows. Interesting to see what happens to areas like San Francisco, New York City and Miami and especially at Key West.