2022 Course Offering starts in February 2022

Plans are under way for the  2022 SOCAN’s Master Climate Protector – A Primer for Action. This class will be held virtually, on Zoom. Registration is open – signing up now means that you will receive updates as they are available. When we are closer to the beginning date, payment guarantees your place in the course. Wednesday, February 9, 2022 is the first session.  The sessions continue for 10 weeks on Wednesdays from 6-9pm. The last session is April 13, 2022.

Modeled on the extremely popular Jackson County Master Gardener and Master Recycler programs, SOCAN’s Master Climate Protector (MCP) program incorporates both a training component and a service component.  It is designed for individuals who want to know more about Climate Change and what we can do to address this critical problem.

Master Climate Protectors are trained volunteers who work to inform and educate the public about the science of climate change and its consequences. They work within their communities and local governments to promote personal and collective actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and serve as an educational outreach for climate literacy.

Master Climate Protectors complete a 10-week training course that covers climate change science and the impacts on key sectors of energy, transportation, agriculture, water, and health. Within each sector we include global and local impacts, personal and collective mitigating actions, and measurements on how to reduce our greenhouse gas footprint. Although the course is science-based, we recognize that participants come with different levels of science expertise. Instructors, therefore, work with participants to increase their understanding and comfort with the material. The course includes a manual, discussion based classes, and presentations from local and regional experts.

From courses offered in spring and fall 2017 and spring 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 we have 92 graduates, 44 of whom have completed 20 hours of service and achieved Certified Master Climate Protector status. Additionally 41 recertification certificates have been awarded for additional 20 hours of service.


Sarah Ross, SOU student and MCP 2021 graduate shared her thoughts on “SOU and Climate Action in the Community” in SOU’s Sustainability News.

Marion Moore was a participant in the Pilot session offered in 2017. She was an incredible leader who used her knowledge of climate change to guide her actions. Marion’s video

Comments from participants in past courses:

  • This is a life-changing course. It helped me move from a feeling of paralysis to empowerment and to action.
  • Please take this course!  It is absolutely essential for each of us to become informed and this is a well-planned, concise and complete outlook with rational, scientifically based facts.
  • An opportunity to shed one’s misinformation/misunderstanding around climate change.
  • Students will learn the facts as well as learn new things from each other.
  • I would say, “I learned so much — about the nature of the crisis and what I can do personally and collectively to mitigate it.  It was extremely worthwhile!
  • This class is an excellent way to gain understanding of the most important aspects of climate change – from understanding causes and gaining knowledge of the wide range of effects to insights on an array of actions I can take to help.
  • Incredibly worthwhile! Scientific, well organized, myriad of topics covered including ways to help. Highly recommend!
  • SOCAN’s Master Climate Protector program is excellent! If you are concerned about climate change and you are wondering what you can do about it, this course will help you become well informed and will give you the tools to make changes in your life and share your newfound knowledge with others!
  • You’ll learn a lot about climate science and the helpful changes that are possible, both as a society and as an individual. You’ll get how important this issue is and that it isn’t going to magically solve itself. We are the problem and we are the solution.
  • The course is dynamic! You will not only gain a solid understanding of climate change, but will leave the course emboldened and empowered to be pro-active in your own personal actions and collective/political actions.
  • I would strongly recommend how imperative it is to have this education, to impel taking action, and sharing the facts with others.


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