MCP Individual and Collective Actions Resources

(Updated 2/15/2020)


Planning for Climate Change – Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Still Matters: In fact, getting politicians and industry to address climate change may start at home.

Green America – Green Living

The Carbon Mistake: Why carbon is not always the appropriate target of our efforts

Key Question 1: Major human-induced causes of global warming

Southern Oregon Regional Greenhouse Gas Inventory

What is a Benefit Corporation

Ashland Co-op Sustainability Report (2017)

Key Question 2: Reasonable GHG reduction goals

Climate Science Basics (

How It All Ends The 10 minute video about Pascal’s Wager.

Key Question 3: Individual actions to reduce GHG emissions

5 Ways Families Can Help Tackle Climate Change By Greg McDermid, Joule A Bergerson, Sheri Madigan (Jan 20, 2020) EcoWatch

Visit  for information on footprint calculator, carbon offsets, divestment/investment, flying, credit cards, Pacific Power Blue Sky Program,

How to get your family Carbon Free in 10 Years

Green America: How does your credit card stack up?

Looking for a Better Bank. Many banks (especially the amoral mega-banks) support fossil fuels and climate change.

Are Local Climate Efforts Enough? by Olivia Rosane (Aug 30, 2018; EcoWatch)

Key Question 4: Collective (political) actions to reduce GHG emissions

The Solutions Project: Creating a World with Clean Energy for All

Drawdown: 100 solutions to reverse global warming

Visit  for information on the Oregon 2018 Clean Energy Jobs Bill and the campaign for 2019.

A Brief History of CO2 Emissions” an 8 minute video

An Introduction to the Cap & Trade Versus the Tax/Fee and Dividend Approach

Contact your State Representatives, and Legislative Leaders to support legislation Contact Information