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(Updated 10/15/20)



Fourth Oregon Climate Assessment Report: State of climate science January 2019 Oregon Climate Research Institute

The Third Annual Oregon Climate Assessment Report  January 2017 Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI)

USGS: National Climate Change Viewer (NCCV)

Climate Victory Gardens (Green America)

A Brief Guide to the Impacts of Climate Change on Food Production. (Yale Climate Connections. Oct. 05, 2019 )

Key Question 1: How will climate change, including reduction of water availability as well as temperature increases, influence agriculture, personal gardens, and landscaping?

Gardening in a Warming World: A Climate Smart Gardening Course Book (2017) Cornell University’s Cooperative Extension

Climate Change Could Lead to Major Crop Failures in World’s Biggest Corn Regions

Key Question 2: What impact will the increases in the level of CO2 have on agriculture?

Hot & Hungry: How climate change affects the nutrient content of our food (Mother Earth Living, Sept/Oct 2018

Climate change will make hundreds of millions more people nutrient deficient. Nicola Davis, August 27, 2018 in The Guardian.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels this century will alter the protein, micronutrients, and vitamin content of rice grains with potential health consequences. Zhu et al 2018

Oregon Scientist Tracks Climate Change Effects On Wine (Jefferson Exchange 7-23-18)

High CO2 Levels Make Rice Less Nutritious, Study Finds

The Great Nutrient Collapse  Helena Bottemiller Evich, Politico, September 13, 2017

How Rising CO2 Levels May Contribute to Die-Off of Bees   

Key Question 3: What is Regenerative Soil Management and how can it make a difference?

Green America. Food and Climate.

Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District. Maintaining your soil’s health: supporting soil as a living thing

Right Under Your Feet: Soil health and the climate crisis, Climate Reality Project 2017

6 States Tapping Into the Benefits of Carbon Farming, Diana Donlon July 12, 2017

Farmers Put Down the Plow for More Productive Soil

Summit urged to clean up farming Nov 22, 2011 Nature

Rodale Institute – Farming Institute Trials

Soil Not Oil Coalition

Soil Carbon Restoration: Can Biology do the Job?  Jack Kittredge, August 14, 2015, NOFA/Mass

Soil holds potential to slow global warming, Stanford researchers find

How to make more dirt down on the farm and get paid for it – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Regenerative Agriculture Groups


Key Question 4: How can we apply these concepts in our daily lives?

How to Feed 10 Billion by 2050 Without Destroying the Planet

Food Label Guide (Green America)

The diet that helps fight climate change (video 5:39)

Eating Seafood Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, But Some Fish Are Better Than Others

Video: How Beef Farmers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Grass-Fed Beef Will Not Help Tackle Climate Change. Eco Watch

Beef & holistic management and planned grazing theories of Allan Savory

(There is more on this issue – this is just a few to provide 2 sides of the ideas.)

The Story of Wool  (Vimeo by Savory Institute)

Allan Savory’s Holistic Management Theory Falls Short on Science by Christopher Ketcham (Feb 23, 2017 in Sierra Magazine)

The Savory Method Can Not Green Deserts or Reverse Climate Change A response to the Allan Savory TED video. By David D. Briske, Brandon T. Bestelmeyer, Joel R. Brown, Samuel D. Fuhlendorf, and H. Wayne Polley (Rangelands, a publication of The Society for Range Management, 2013)


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