MCP Weather & Water Resources

(Updated 11/29/2021)


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Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops – #4 Atmosphere. Video (8:45)

Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops – #5 Albedo. Video (10:35)


The Polar Vortex Explained

ASHLAND Conservation

Medford Water Commission

Rogue Valley Sewer Services Stream-Smart

Nature Conservancy – Beyond the Source: The benefits of source water protection

Older Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing

Ocean Currents and Climate

Information Related to Key Questions

Key Question 1: What is the distribution of water on earth and how is it affected by Climate Change?

Arctic Sea Ice Extent

Causes of Sea Level Rise

Climate Change:Ocean Heat Content

Ocean Acidification A discussion by SOCAN Board member Bill Gorham of the distinction between climate change and ocean acidification as consequences of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sea Level Rise Prediction

Key Question 2: How does Climate Change affect Weather?

Canada’s flooding after heatwave shows how climate disasters combine (11/19/2021) Vikki Thompson, University of Bristol, UPI: Voices

Drought Monitor for Western US

Palmer Drought Severity Index from IPCC report

Tracking US Extreme Precipitation events

Tracking Hurricane Harvey

Tracking US Climate Related Costs

Key Question 3: What are the sources of water in the Rogue Valley and how is it managed?

Jackson County Reservoir Teacup Charts

Key Question 4: How can we measure and manage our household water usage?

Key Question 5: What is a Water Footprint calculator?

Grace Water Footprint Calculator

Key Question 6: How does Climate Change affect aquatic and riparian species in the Rogue Valley?

Rogue River Basin Map from Rogue River Keeper