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(Updated 03/07/2023)


Link to SOCAN Water Group Resources


Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops – #4 Atmosphere. Video (8:45)

Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops – #5 Albedo. Video (10:35)

Chasing Coral Documentary (YouTube) also available on Netflix (93 minutes)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Ocean Perspective (January, 2022) SOCAN Monthly Meeting, presentation by marine biologist Bill Gorham (YouTube)


Rogue Valley Sewer Services Stream-Smart

Project Drawdown Sectors: Electricity (Water Distribution Efficiency), Coastal and Ocean Sinks

US Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region – Bear Creek and Little Butte Creek Basins – Teacup Diagram Water Levels

Southern Oregon Pachamama Alliance Water Solutions Summit 2022 (Background Materials & Recordings)

Connections to Project Regeneration

Beavers, Marine Protected AreasSeaforestation, Tidal Salt Marshes, Wetlands

Water Calculators

Home Water Works Calculator

Ashland Saves Water Calculator

Water Footprint Calculator (This is the calculator we use for Session 5: Weather & Water assignment)

City of Ashland


Ashland Climate & Energy Programs

Ashland Water & Energy Rebates

Reeder Reservoir Water Level & Water Use Dashboard

Lawn & Field Watering Information

AgriMet Evapotranspiration Summaries 

Watering Infoline 541-774-2460

Irrigation Districts

Rogue River Valley Irrigation District

Talent Irrigation District

Medford Irrigation District

Eagle Point Irrigation District

Drought Assistance

Oregon Water Resources Department

Jackson County Watermaster

Jackson County Soil & Water Conservation District Droughtwatch

Information Related to Key Questions

Key Question 1: How does Climate Change affect Weather?

Ashland Weather Records  Ashland weather data and records from 1892–2022 based on data compiled by the NOAA.

2021: A year full of extreme weather events (12/31/21 updated 1/3/22) Adriana Navarro, AccuWeather staff writer. The 60-minute special “2021: A Year of Extremes,” hosted by AccuWeather meteorologist Geoff Cornish, examines the many extreme weather events of 2021 and includes information from AccuWeather’s signature series, “Our Changing World,” on how climate change played a role.

Canada’s flooding after heatwave shows how climate disasters combine (11/19/2021) Vikki Thompson, University of Bristol, UPI: Voices

Drought Monitor for Western US

Palmer Drought Severity Index from IPCC report

Tracking US Extreme Precipitation events

Tracking Hurricane Harvey

Tracking US Climate Related Costs

The Polar Vortex Explained

Oregon Snowpack Conditions

Oregon Drought Map

USGS Climate Change Viewer

Key Question 2: What is the distribution of water on earth and how is it affected by Climate Change?

Arctic Sea Ice Extent

Older Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing

Causes of Sea Level Rise

Climate Change: Ocean Heat Content

Ocean Acidification A discussion by SOCAN Board member Bill Gorham of the distinction between climate change and ocean acidification as consequences of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sea Level Rise Prediction

Ocean Currents and Climate

Key Question 3: What are the sources of water in the Rogue Valley and how is it managed?

Jackson County Reservoir Teacup Charts

USGS Stream Gauges

Snoflo Stream Gauges

Lost Creek Lake Water Level

Bear Creek and Little Butte Creek Basins – US Bureau of Reclamation

Ashland Water Use Dashboard

Drought in Southern Oregon: A New Normal (2/16/2022) Barbara Cervone’s Blog

Key Question 4: How can we measure and manage our household water usage?

Ashland Water Wise Landscaping

Ashland Water Conservation Programs

Ashland Watering & Weather Information 

Sample Lawn Watering Schedule

Indoor Water Use Evaluation Guide

Key Question 5: What is a Water Footprint calculator?

Grace Water Footprint Calculator

Key Question 6: How does Climate Change affect aquatic and riparian species in the Rogue Valley?

Rogue River Basin Map from Rogue River Keeper