There was confusion about the source of electricity in Oregon, from 50% imported, to 35%.  What was the correct number? AJ

I don’t recall a discussion of the percent imported, but we did discuss the percent that was generated from coal-fired power plants.  The answer is that it depends on what the target for the assessment is:

The Mix of Electricity Sources in Oregon

Statewide, then 33.65% of our energy is from coal.

The mix of Pacific Power electricity sources

  • Coal: 62.97%
  • Hydro: 8.30%
  • Natural Gas: 14.72%
  • Biomass: 1.10%
  • Wind: 3.61%
  • Geothermal: 0.35%
  • Other: 9.40%

This means Pacific Power clients have 62.97% of their energy coming from coal.

The mix of Portland General Electric sources

So, Portland GE clients have 22% from coal.

The Northwest Power Pool sources

This depicts essentially what is fed into the grid in the PNW – showing that coal comprises 32%.

Residents of Ashland use power from the grid, but this is replaced by Bonneville which is largely (> 99%) hydroelectric.