Neighborhood Group

Information from Peggy & Arlene (MCP Graduates) about the Neighborhood Group they set up. They used the Cool Climate Network’s Mobile Calculator as the basis for the sessions.

General Information

The group met for 8 sessions on first and third Sunday’s in March through May. There were 6 regular attendees and a couple of folks who could only make it to one or two meetings.
To focus the group we did some prep, up front to be able to show some short films from the SOCAN website and shared footprint links for each person to start reviewing their own. Peggy provided technical assistance to those who had difficulty.
We followed the MCP class example and went section by section of the Footprint Calculator each week. We each calculated our footprints and reported in at the group.
The last two sessions we focused on personal efforts toward reducing each of our footprints in whatever way would work for us. We also did the field trip to the Willow-Witt Ranch, joining the MCP group for this outing.
The last week everyone decided they wanted to reconvene in the fall to do a book group on Drawdown.
We will start that in late Sept. and invite others to join us.
This is all experimental and quite grassrootsie but felt like a great way for us to engage our friends in their own journey in an area we were both passionate about.

Email Introduction/Invitation

Hi there,
We are putting together a twice a month discussion group for women in our community who are concerned about climate change and want to learn more from each other.
Last fall I completed the Master Climate Protector class offered by Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN). Peggy is attending the Spring session now. The class was modeled on the popular extension courses known as Master Gardener and Master Recycler and taught by a dedicated group of SOCAN board members.
We have been inspired to look closely at our carbon footprint using tools the class offered and want to share this information with our friends.
If this sounds interesting to you, look over the attached flyer and let me know if you want to join us for this time limited discussion group. (all winter activities end when camping season starts!!!)
Questions can be directed to Peggy: or Arlene: