SOCAN Master Climate Protector Course

Independent Study Credit from Southern Oregon University ES 401 (3 credits) – Winter term

Participants in the Master Climate Protector class complete a 10-week training course that covers climate change science and the impacts on key sectors of energy, transportation, agriculture, water, and health. Within each sector, we include global and local impacts, personal and collective mitigating actions and measurements on how to reduce our greenhouse gas footprint. Although the course is science-based, we recognize that participants come with different levels of science expertise. Instructors, therefore, work with participants to increase their understanding and comfort with the material. The course includes a manual, discussion based classes, and presentations from local and regional experts. You can find more general information about the course here.

The 2023 course offering of the SOCAN’s Master Climate Protector – A Primer for Action will start on February 6th, 2023 and will run through April 17th, 2023. The course will be held in-person at the RCC/SOU Higher Education Center in downtown Medford, OR. Registration is OPEN and tuition is free for SOU students. Please visit the February 2023 page for more details about the weekly schedule and topics covered during the course.

No additional cost to SOU students – Pass/Fail or Grade options are available

In order to earn credit, SOU students will be expected to complete an assignment. This may be chosen from one of the following options or can be developed in consultation with the MCP team and with approval from Environmental Studies.

  • Plan of Personal Action
  • Blog post on topic covered in course

How to register:

  1. Register for ES 401 (3 credits) through Southern Oregon University.
  2. Register for the course on our registration page. Make sure to check the box for SOU Independent Study. The MCP Program Coordinator will reach out to you via email with next steps.

Questions? Email Ellie Cosgrove, MCP Program Coordinator –

Testimonials from SOU Students:

Sarah Ross, SOU student and MCP 2021 graduate shared her thoughts on “SOU and Climate Action in the Community” in SOU’s Sustainability News.