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Information Related to Key Questions

Key Question 1. How will climate change affect human physical and mental health?

Climate Collapse: I’ve just found out how bad things are. What now? How to avoid falling into a pit of despair and hopelessness (Aug 9, 2021) by Gwyneth Jones, Age of Awareness.

Climate change anxiety: How to stop spiraling and make a difference (July 11, 2021) by Rebecca Ruiz, Mashable.

Got Climate Anxiety? These People Are Doing Something About It (Feb 7, 2021) by Susan Shain, New York Times.

How climate change could undo 50 years of public health gains (Dec 7, 2020) by Zoya Teirstein. Grist

Has Your Doctor Talked To You About Climate Change? (July 13, 2019) by Martha Bebinger. Heard on Weekend Edition Saturday

The lost summer’: the emotional and spiritual toll of the smoke apocalypse  (Aug 21, 2018) by Sharon J. Riley. The Narwhal.

MEDICAL ALERT! Climate Change Is Harming Our Health by The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health

Climate Change is Bad for your Health (Oct 30, 2017) by Jeff Nesbit. New York Times

The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment. Global

What if we never changed? Looking at what would have happened if we didn’t adopt the Clean Air Act

Doctors: Climate Change Is Already Making US Kids Sicker Honora Montano

As Long As Grass Grows (2019) by Dina Gilio-Whitaker. Beacon Press

County, State and National Plans

Climate and Health in Oregon 2020 Report. Oregon Health Authority – Public Health Division

Jackson County Climate and Health Action Plan (2013)

Oregon’s Public Health Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (pdf)

Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Health Care Facilities Toolkit

Key Question 2. How does population growth impact global warming/climate change?

Remember the Population Bomb? It’s Still Ticking (New York Times, 2017)

Key Question 3. How does consumption impact global warming/climate change?


Climate-Friendly Food Is Easier Than We Think (March 27, 2021)  Edwina Hughes, Richard Waite and Gerard Pozzi, World Resources Institute.

How to Feed 10 Billion by 2050 Without Destroying the Planet

Food Label Guide (Green America)

The diet that helps fight climate change (video 5:39)

Eating Seafood Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, But Some Fish Are Better Than Others

Video: How Beef Farmers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Grass-Fed Beef Will Not Help Tackle Climate Change. (Oct. 03, 2017) EcoWatch

Lend Me a Plate


All birds How much did your outfit cost the planet? Now any brand can use our Carbon Footprint tools to label their emissions.

Pros and Cons of 6 Natural Fabrics (2019) by Lydia Noyes in Mother Earth Living  

Are These Trends Green or Greenwashed? (Winter 2019) by Eleanor Greene in Green We fact-checked the claims of trendy companies advertising green options.

Unraveling the Fashion Industry (Winter 2019) Eleanor Greene, editor, Green It’s easy to ignore the huge influence garments have on workers and the planet. Luckily, activists and businesses are working to make the fashion industry better. If you wear clothes, you can too.

Unpacking Toxic Textiles (Winter 2019) by Asher Weinstein, Green Business as usual in the garment industry is bad for people and the planet, from agriculture to factories, from stores to our closets.

Retail Resale: Learn how to shop zero-waste while remaining fashion-forward in today’s clothing market. (Nov/Dec 2019) By Madeline Backus, Mother Earth Living.

The Story of Plastics

Royal rewears: 14 times the royals recycled their best clothes


Is This the End of Recycling? The Atlantic, March 5, 2019


ADB lends US$145 million to Uzbekistan to upgrade water infrastructure


Climate Justice Alliance  Just transition is our main organizing framework

Politicians blew off Gen Z’s climate goals. The coronavirus shows we can act fast. Washington Post

Key Question 4. Can the world sustain the current trend of economic growth and consumption?

Story of Stuff (video)

Intro Video (2:38)

Full version (21:25)

Bokashi cycle

Key Question 5. How does our consumption affect our GHG footprint?

Meatless meat is becoming mainstream — and it’s sparking a backlash (Oct 7, 2019) The growing pushback against Impossible and Beyond burgers in fast-food chains, explained.

Eating Seafood Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, But Some Fish Are Better Than Others

To Shrink Your Carbon Footprint, Ease Up on the Dairy